Suffering in silence

We have all suffered in silence from time to time or at least once in our lives.

In the past I have been prone to suffering in silence.  It’s like a big ugly scar that you try your hardest to cover up usually with extra layers of clothing.  But, no matter how many layers, concealer or bio-oil you use it just doesn’t disappear – because you still know it’s there whether others can see it or not.

Its like when your parents or friends ask if your alright because you seem quiet or unhappy and you nod, smile and respond with ‘Yeah I’m fine thanks just a bit tired today’.  When really you feel like the world is falling apart around you and all you have control over is your response which is completely opposite of what you feel.

Similarly, its like having big fat ‘FRAUD’ letters on your forehead and everybody steering at it and friends asking a) why is it there?, b) what does it mean and c) are you okay? and you respond with ‘there’s nothing on my forehead’, smile and walk off as if nothing has happened.

Sound familiar?

I guess the saying ‘Fake it until you make it’ is relevant in these situations!

I guess what I am trying to say is suffering in silence isn’t the right thing to do.  It doesn’t get you anywhere – trust me I have tried it numerous times.

Conversely, the best thing to do is open up to people you trust, you will be amazed at how far it can take you.

Open your heart and your mind and soul will be filled with love, hope and kindness.  Once you receive these wonderful feelings you will never want to deprive yourself again.

Gratitude is my new best friend.  It joins my other loyal companions hope, justice and love.

We should always be grateful for our situations no matter how dire they are, trust me I know how dire things can get – my mum is currently sick, battling on and who’s future is currently uncertain.  But I remain hopeful and I trust in Him.

We can learn a lot from our darkest hours and I urge you to dig deeper next time you try to retreat into suffering in silence! You will be amazed at what you can learn from the situation.

If all else fails, remember do not suffer in silence! We were not born to be alone, let alone suffer alone. You could start by writing in a journal or notebook.

Take action today and change your tomorrow.


Not this

One more piece of advice: I urge you to consider becoming an organ donor, it would help out a lot of families in New Zealand  (mine included) who have to suffer in silence each and everyday while they wait for a new organ – a chance of a new start.  Hope.

6 thoughts on “Suffering in silence

  1. I could understand every word you have beautifully written. I’ve had to learn this process of pain and we are a vessel that needs to be filled. It is in our flesh to hold back but we have to release in order to be filled again. Thank you for your recent follow I will be following along too. I would love to know your connection to organ donation?

  2. Thank you Maribel, and thanks for your lovely feedback it is very encouraging. Organ donation is so important and am so happy to see so many advocates for this great cause. My mother suffers from kidney disease unfortunately. Reading your story is very inspiring Maribel, never give up HOPE it sustains all of us xxx

  3. All that you say is very true and more. Though I have not had a transplant, I have had open heart surgery 16 years ago with a massive keloid scar forever reminding me of what God brought me through that day in January. Am on dialysis now and not approved for a transplant, but am living happily on dialysis. God has opened up opportunities to advocate for Kidney Patients all over the world and to offer a revolutionary product to protect their compromised arms. It is called The NONO SLEEVE for when medical mistakes happen. Oncology and Transplant patients with active fistulas need this sleeve to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself.

    • Thank you Wordwan. Its easy to retreat and hide ‘away’ from pain and suffering but really that is not the best way to cope with it, we need to open our heart, mind and emotions so people around us can help. =) Never give up is my motto

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