Its the little things that count …

Do you remember being told by family members that ‘the little things count’ I certainly do, and I didn’t appreciate that saying until now.

If you stop for a moment and really think about it … The little things do count!!

It’s all the little things that add up that make the difference.

Like the other day, I was sitting in a cafe waiting for a friend to arrive. I was passing time by checking my emails on my phone … I know I shouldn’t be doing that but I thought it was a good use of my waiting time.

In between emails I peered up and saw an older man with a walking stick strolling up the ramp entrance towards the cafe. He was defiantly using the walking stick to his advantage, swinging it side to side – as if it was his eyes! It wasn’t until his hand missed the door handle, that I realized he was blind and the walking stick was actually his eyes.

He was greeted at the door by the barista, linking arms and guiding him to the nearest table. They exchanged friendly small talk, she rushed away and hurried back with a large glass of hot water.

He must be a regular I think to myself as he sits comfortably in the chair. Reaching out, he started waving his hand over the top of the glass – to cool it down I imagine.

So far he has made it into the cafe, sat down comfortably and received his usual beverage all without sight! Don’t forget the independent venture to the cafe and the back again. All in a day and probably more.

I would freak out if I couldn’t see what I was wearing, where I was going and what was surrounding me. Overtime I believe we have the capability to adjust to any situation as long as we persevere.

Going back to basics: the little things do count and without them we would make no progress.

What little thing can you do today to help others?

Remember one small gesture makes all the difference.



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