Fix you

I routinely remind myself that life is a gift, and its for the living.  But sometimes that’s really hard, some days are harder than others, like today.

After 9.5 years of a succesful kidney transplant, my mum has to go back on dialysis.  We knew this day would come down deep inside but we (probably just myself) ignored it.  The overwhelming emotions that rushed through our bodies leading up to D day was quite terrifying.  What if’s were often occurring in my thoughts even though I would exhaust myself fighting off these negative emotions.  My mum, despite the daunting surgery and change in circumstances, has kept a positive attitude the whole time.  I really admire her, she’s been through so much in the past 18 months but she still holds her head up high and laughs it off, she often says ‘You can’t kill a weed’ which sounds rather funny coming out of my mum’s mouth.

I remember the first time she had the surgery to insert the dialysis tube, I was only 13 and didn’t know what was happening.  I remember coming home from school in the months after she started dialysis and seeing the Baxter boxes with all of her dialysis supplies in them and a feeling of anger and hatred at the world would rush over me.  This occurred almost everyday when I would see those boxes.  I hated the world, I blamed the universe for the bad health it had given my mum, ‘Why did it have to happen to her’ I would think to myself often.

The first 8 – 12 months way quite hard on my family, especially for my mum.  She continued to work 30 hours a week and come home at lunch each day to do her dialysis, and I never remember her complaining once! Now that is what I call an attitude for gratitude – don’t get me wrong she did have her ups and downs but overall she was just thankful to still be in the land of living, as she calls it.

Well, today is D day.  Today mum goes back into theatre to have a CAPD dialysis tube put back in her stomach.  Mixed emotions are floating around our minds – good that it’s finally happening so she will feel better but also sad because of the situation.  She is about to go into surgery, so I best get off here.

Just one more thing, every situation in life can teach us a lesson – we need to be thankful and grateful for what we have in life.  Life is truly a gift and we should all be grateful for living another day, because we never know whats around the corner.  I truly believe that the power of prayer and positive thinking can get anybody through any situation life throws at them.  Through the power of His grace and Love we are all entitled to a life filled with love and abundance.

We all need to live with an attitude for gratitude.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

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