Back to the beginning …

Disclosure: This is a real post, with real feeling – I am leaving nothing out.

Romans 12:16 – Humble yourself in order to live in harmony.

Dying to self, or putting the flesh to death, does not mean that we always feel good and godly. We often feel all the wrong things, but make better choices based on the new information we have because we are new creatures living under a new covenant. Every time we make a good choice, it helps us form a new habit; and after a while, it becomes something we do without giving it much thought.

Where are you Lord? I need you more than ever, please come and take this pain away!

Sometimes life is so hard, things just seem to be going from bad to worse! I have resorted to sitting on the cold winter tiles of the bathroom to get some peace in life – that’s a first for me!

Life can be rough, especially at times like this!

I feel anxiety flowing through my body, like sugar rushing through a diabetic at an uncontrollable rate.  I know things will be better tomorrow, but right now I feel terrible – I am sitting here, in a fragile state!  Sometime I just become overwhelmed with emotions – I know we are not meant to live by our emotions as a Christian – its like breaking an old habit and replacing it with a good one.  Romans 12:2 – To enjoy what Christ died to give us, we must totally renew our mind and attitude. To say it another way, we must break old destructive habits and form new ones.  The daily struggle for Christians is between the Word and the flesh – Hebrews 4:12 – The Word of God divides soul and spirit. It digs deep and divides right from wrong. It confronts us and requires us to make choices. 

God wants us to:
a. Agree with Him.
b. Not blame something or someone else
c. Take responsibility for our actions
d. Humble ourselves and ask for His help

I think I have been leaning on my own understanding lately, which goes against the law of the Word.  Jeremiah 2:13 – People forsake God and try to make things happen themselves. It says in the Bible to not lean on our own understanding, but lean on His! It is far more graceful that our own, and His grace covers us as long as we believe.

I still have a lot to learn, even after being a Christian for the past five years! When I first become a Christian I laid everything down at the Cross daily, I need to resume this again.  I think habit has taken over and its time to break these!

Ephesians 4:26-27 – If we have a habit of staying angry, we open a door for the devil; but we can form a habit of dropping it, letting it go, getting over it, forgiving, believing the best of people and realizing we also make mistakes.  Have a habit of forgiving quickly!!

Following your Heart:

Sometimes its hard to differentiate between what we know is the right thing to do and whats the wrong thing to do.  That’s why it’s so important when making decisions, on a daily basis, to bring it back to the Word and check it aligns with it! Or else, things can really go pear shape. Proverbs helps me:  Proverbs 3:5-7 – Acknowledge God in all your ways and He will give you direction. And Romans 8:13 – If we let the Holy Spirit dictate our way of living, then we will have to habitually put to death the evil deeds prompted by the body.

Worry means I’m trusting myself to solve the problem.  I have been worrying a lot lately, about my mum and her situation.  I reflect back on all the time, effort and energy I have ‘wasted’ on worrying and I feel condemned.  I know deep in my heart that worrying will not solve ANYTHING! It only makes it worse, my mum can tell when I am worried – even over the phone she says ‘Don’t worry I will be fine’ because she can hear the worry in my voice.  Is it possible to form a habit of not worrying? I believe it is. We only worry because we think we can do something about our problems so as soon as we realize we can’t, then we can stop worrying.

Philippians 4:6-7 – Don’t fret or have any anxiety about anything; pray, and God’s peace will be yours.

Trusting God allows us to enter His rest! Philippians 3:3 – Put no confidence in the flesh (not your own flesh or anyone else’s).
1. Trust God before the doctor, the dentist, the government, your friends, yourself, the bank, your education or anything else.
2. Trust God first! Keep God first!

The one main lesson I have learnt is to keep God FIRST

I John 5:21 – God expects us to keep Him first in all things and if we don’t, nothing else works right.

If I go back to the beginning and start trusting in Him again, with all my heart, mind and soul – things will be just fine!

Thanks for sticking this post out.

Blessings, xxx

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