The breathe of life

My mum’s illness progressed on Monday of last week which lead to my sister flying over from Melbourne and myself taking a unexpected week off work.  Mum had radiation treatment last year to treat esophageal cancer which developed over a short period of time, but after six weeks of successful radiation treatment in Waikato Hospital she was cured of the cancer.  It seems in my mum’s case, the doctors fix one thing and then another thing pops up that needs to be treated to “they treat one thing and cause another” my mum often says with a happy spirit, considering the dire situations at times.

When mum finished her radiation treatment mid last year she developing laboured breathing and found it difficult to walk up stairs, hills or take part in anything strenuous because of her breathing difficulties.  At the end of last year mum’s breathing got so bad the doctors organised an oxygen machine for her to use at home when she needed it.  It turned out she used it two – three times a day, at first it helped but after awhile it stopped working.  Her GP then prescribed her EPO injections when her red blood cell count dropped fast and they made a tremendous difference.

Mum got better and stayed this way for about 3 – 4 months and just as things were looking up she became unwell again about 8 weeks ago her breathing started to deteriorate again.  She was admitted to hospital in the same city this time, which is great as the past 20 months shes been in a specialised hospital for renal/kidney disease two hours drive away.  Lots of tests, scans, bloods and poking and prodding took over a week and her breathing did not improve.  A few days later she she was discharged and went home.

Her breathing has improved slightly, meaning she can now walk from the couch to the kitchen without having to sit down and catch her breath – but she still can’t do much walking, or anything around the house, poor thing.  The positive things is her CAPD dialysis  four times a day is going well, she has had no problems with it which is great.  We are all praying in day in and day out that her illness will improve and subside.  Please pray with me! Thank you.

After a week off work I came back to work and found this lovely card on my desk from a very thoughtful and caring person.

It goes to show that little things count!


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