Celebrate success

It’s not everyday we accomplish goals and dreams, so when we do, we MUST celebrate. As you’ll all know, its been a really busy and tough year with my mum being unwell and being busy in general with work, life etc.  When my work enrolled me in the Certificate of Direct Marketing earlier on this year, it was a dream come true.

To be honest, it was a dream I didn’t even know I had until it came to fruition this week.  Having completed my undergraduate degree at the end of 2008, I thought that was it when it came to study, but I was offered an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up!


Having majored in Marketing and International Business at Massey University, working in the non-profit marketing/fundraising sector was a natural progression for me, after uni.  For the past 18 months I have been working a my dream job, at the Leprosy Mission NZ which I love. Fundraising for leprosy-affected families in undeveloped countries, we provide hope, faith and love.

I would like to firstly thank, Justis, my beautiful and supporting fiancee’ who helped me study.  He held up my flashcards and tested me, he encouraged me when I didn’t feel like studying anymore and he was there for me.  Thank you baby, I could not have done this without you! You’re the best, you are truly a gift.

Sometimes we have to look back to actually see how far we have come.  Looking back can help us move forward and ‘press on’. Success’ are few and far between, so celebrate then, bask in the glory of self-satisfaction and self-achievement for as long as possible – because if you don’t who will? Really, who will?

An engagement photo of Justis and myself


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