The Narrow Road

The real road to meaning is dirty and full of jagged rocks. The
path is full of pieces of broken glass and cigarette butts. It’s long
and difficult and not what you would expect. It’s not what we
would prefer, but it’s the only way. Jesus called it the “narrow road.”
John Bunyan depicted it as a violent struggle to enter paradise.2
Emily Dickinson wrote in a poem: “Success is counted sweetest /
By those who ne’er succeed / To comprehend a nectar / Requires
sorest need.”3 Sorest need—ouch. We who are rich with respect
to the rest of the world must come to grips with our own poverty
if we are going to make a difference. We must allow our hearts to
be broken so we can make things whole once again. We must fall
apart before we can build up. Anything else is not compassion. It
may raise money or impress the neighbors, but it won’t satisfy.

Jeff Goins – excerpt from Wrecked

Reading the above really struck me at the core. The narrow road is less traveled than most straight and wide roads, but why? People’s misconceptions can really lead people off on the ‘wrong track’ in life. Why is it that people, even in today’s society, believe the long, windy and narrow road is the ‘wrong’ path? We have people become complacent and comfortable with sticking to the straight and wide path? Is it because ‘that’s the path everyone else takes’? Or, because its easy and I don’t like change?

Well, as the 2012th year comes to a end, let me tell you there is more to life than the straight path! What would you say if I told you I have learnt more in the past 2 years from travelling through the ‘narrow road’ daily than I ever have from the ‘straight path’?

Yes, the narrow road may be rocky, filled with obstacles and horrible spiders in all the wrong places, but it makes you feel alive. There is no greater feeling than feeling alive. Nothing in this world can replace it. Its unattainable unless you travel down the unpopular path.

If you fell in love with the except above as much as I did, go here and buy Jeff Goin’s Wrecked e-book, you will not be disappointment – and its under $8.50 so go spoil yourself today.

We are lost. Wandering in a sea of confusion, we grasp for
anything steady to hold on to. We pursue pleasure or temporary
satisfaction, anything to numb the pain.
Jeff Goins – excerpt from Wrecked



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