Epiphany is an experience of sudden and striking realization

Epiphany is an experience of sudden and striking realization

An epiphany is an experience of sudden and striking realization.

The universe is not out to get you. God is not your enemy. Good things come to those who expect them.

Yes, life can be tough and full of heart ache. But, friend, why are you waiting for bad things to happen? If you are, I promise: you won’t be disappointed. There are always shadows, even in the sunshine.

Yes, life can be hard at times or all the time depending on your mindset and personality – but we all need to understand life is GOOD and we must all go out and GET IT.

Life isn’t going to fly in the window, tap us gently on the shoulder and invite us to take part. No, this isn’t how it works sorry, we must go out and get living in this world.   What would happen if you only had a week or month left to live – what would you focus your time on? I am not wishing this upon anyone, I am just trying to make a point to you, that you only live once and your life is worth living.

Jeff Goins put up these three great tips which will help:

So here are three things I want you to try (if you’re up for a challenge):

  1. Pick something in your life and say “thanks” for it. This can be anything, good or bad.
  2. When anxiety and fear overwhelm you, smile. Try it right now, for a full minute. I dare you. And see if you don’t feel better afterwards.
  3. Think of one good thing you’d like to happen, and believe it.Trust that it will happen. I’m not talking about kooky hocus pocus, manifestation mumbo jumbo. I’m talking about simple hope and faith. That’s all, nothing too crazy here.

Go on, get living! Have an epiphany today…


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