Healing & writing

Conflict is a necessary ingredient for creating an intriguing story. And conflict is an inevitable part of life. Disappointment, sadness, sickness, and death plague us at different points in time and in different ways.

We all have methods of coping with what we don’t understand, of dealing with painful situations in our lives. One therapeutic technique that helps us heal in times of confusion, broken hearts, and deepest loss is simple but so very powerful—writing.

A while ago, I started reading, learning and healing through a method I never thought would help – writing! At the beginning of the year I stumbled upon a book in the library, which has changed everything! “The right to write’ by Julia Cameron has taught me a lot about life and how to ‘heal’ through writing.

Julia introduced me to ‘morning pages’ where each morning – before your day starts, sit down for 30 – 60 minutes (or 15-20 if your short on time) and write 4 – 6 pages in a note-book. Include everything and anything that jumps into your head, like ‘I need to vacuum, doing the washing and cleaning, drop the mail off, meet a friend after work for drinks, feed the cat, plan a holiday …’ and most importantly include things you want to get off your chest ‘I can’t believe she did that to me, how could she say that about me, we’ve been friends for 25 years and she goes and does that …”.

I have to emphasis an important point – always write your ‘morning pages’ by hand – best explained by Julia Cameron below:

“I urge you to write your Morning Pages by hand, now more than ever. The act of slowing down brings us to real and surprising clarity, offering insights we would have otherwise missed.”

After doing my morning pages for a few months now, I feel so refreshed and alive – who knew writing down all your thoughts in the morning would clear your head for the day? It is such a simple yet healing craft – writing!

Writing and I have become friends over the past 12 months, which I am super excited about – its amazing what can be accomplished when you really put your mind to it – or pen in this case.

Remember when your writing your morning pages to not over think it, or this can lead to frustration which is in the contrary of the purpose of morning pages.


A journal where healing takes place

So … what are you waiting for – get writing!


2 thoughts on “Healing & writing

  1. Great post! I’ve also learned how much writing helps with healing. I feel more alive when I make the time to write, which I’m learning to do more and more. It is so refreshing! Thanks for mentioning the book – I’ve heard about it a lot lately. I think I need to read it as well. 🙂

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