Start missing the lights

I was sitting at the traffic lights this afternoon after missing the green ‘go’ light for the fifth consecutive time and starting getting annoyed. Then it occurred to me ‘maybe we need to start missing the lights’ more.

Slowing down. Taking time to just ‘stop’. Stopping.

These are all things we don’t do often enough but know we should!

Why is it that we tend to do the opposite of what’s good for us? It is human instinct or is it a learnt behaviour that we need to break?

God only has good and prosperous plans for us but have we been missing out because we’ve kept going? Have we missed signs or plans from Him because we are too busy?

We can’t afford to miss His signs too often because we will end up in a self-created ‘rut’! As I learnt the hard way.

I have been there and wish I hadn’t ended up in a ‘rut’. I remember thinking ‘how did I get here, why am I here, how did this happen and where is God?

Well, He was there with me in the midst of my ‘rut’ because He is with us all the time. Although, at the time I was angry at God for ‘putting’ in the rut, well that is what I believed at the time anyway. Reflecting back on the situation now, I’ve realised I had actually put myself in the rut because I never slowed down and stopped!

What I have learnt is we must slow down everyday so we don’t spiral out of control and end up in a self-created rut.

If I was to give my former self one piece of advice it would be ‘slow down more often so you can take care of yourself’!


So, we need to start missing the lights more often!


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