Not the TV series with Chandler, Monica and Joey but the people who surround you.

They are the people we can’t live without. The one’s who pick us up when we’re down and encourage us to keep on keeping on (KOKO).

They are always by our sides or within close reach offering advice and help where needed.

An open ear or two is always offered too.

What if one day they aren’t there?

What would you do? Would it make you think what have you done?

Or would it make you think they no longer care?

This recently happened to me and I started to blame them, thinking they are selfish and self-absorbed! How dear they just up and leave, without your noticing, and continue on without you!

Well, these were the ideas that went around in my head for days.

Until, about 2am last night when I realised it was ME that drove them away.

They are not the selfish or self-absorbed one, gulp, I am.

How could I not realise I was the one who needed to be picked up all the time, have two open ears for me to fill up with emotions filled with garbage. Time after time, they were there for me but when they needed help getting back up, where was I?

I was too self-absorbed in my own little world and didn’t have time to listen and lend a hand or ear.

Here I was thinking I was the only one in this world that is ‘suffering’. *sigh*

‘How could anyone possibly understand what I am feeling, they don’t have any problems’ I use to repeat to myself.

Actually, everyone has their own battles going on, they just don’t show it or want to let the world know that they are actually breaking inside.

Here is some friendly advice: always make time for friends, lend a hand and ear, and check in on them occasionally to see how they are doing and if they want to catch-up for a chat or just to hang out.

While you ponder on this, I am heading out to repair and mend my friendship.

Just like Friends, where Monica and Rachel often mended theirs.

Friends – they are everything we need.

Make time for them today.

English: The letters "D", "E&qu...

English: The letters “D”, “E”, “F”, “I”, “N” and “S” make up the logo for the TV series “Friends” Português: As letras “D”, “E”, “F”, “I”, “N” e “S”, ordenadas de forma a compor a palavra “Friends”, usada como logotipo da série de televisão homônima. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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