It’s been a while since I have been on here. Sorry.

Life has been busy the last 9 months.

I recently got married (yay) to my high school sweetheart of 12 years. More to come.

We went on our honeymoon and have started a new job … so the past 9 months have been busy.

I am now sitting in the hospital with my mum, who is currently unwell.

Its funny how when life turns sour for a season you turn back to your old comforts …

Its also funny how I chose the word trust for 2014.

Life has been great so far this year so i didn’t really ‘have’ to trust in Him. But now, I need and have to trust in Him or I would fall a part.

See my mum has multiple health concerns which are chronic.

I do occasionally catch myself thinking “why does God let this happen to her?” But I know in my heart of hearts that He does not inflict pain or suffering – he uses it for His or should I say OUR good. “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28 NIV

There are countless verses in the Bible that are similar to Romans 8:28, I like to think because God knew we would go through trouble in our lives so he wanted to reassure us that we can ALWAYS trust in Him. He is the unchanging God, and that is a big comfort for me as the world is every changing. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8.

Its funny how God always has a bible scripture to counteract our FLESH. Its as if the Bible was written with the flesh in mind.


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