Loss and grief

Losing someone close to you is very hard.

I never thought it would happen at the young age of 28 … but it has!

I lost my mum to cancer three days ago

It still feels very raw, very ugly and very surreal!

I was lucky enough to sit beside my precious mum and share her last few days with me. I was the only person with her when she took her final breath (God was present though)

It feels like my heart has been ripped out of my chest and has been buried with her.


I know she is flying free with the angels in Heaven and God but I don’t know what to do without here her.

Mum was everything to me, she always cheered me up when I was sad. Her hugs could solve any problem I was going through.

What am I going to do without her here?

I feel lost and lonely!

How will I get over this?

Will I ever get over this?

Death … hurts!

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