Last night I had a dream that I was giving birth. It seemed so real. I woke up and thought maybe it was true. It isn’t a physical birth of a baby but I think it is God birthing a new season in my life.

Everything has a season – summer, winter, autumn and spring. Imagine if we changed to having only one season per year. Some may enjoy having summer all year around for example but imagine what we miss out on – snow, rainy days, trees changing colour, certain fruit and vegetables no longer existing to name a few.

This is the scientific definition of why we have seasons: We have seasons because the earth is tilted (wonky) as it makes its yearly journey around the sun. The Earth’s axis is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees. This means that the Earth is always “pointing” to one side as it goes around the Sun.

Now, Gods definition of seasons is very different to this.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” Eccl 3:1

I heard a great sermon recently from Priscilla Shirer when she came to New Zealand for Sistas Conference.  Priscilla said something that really clicked – “There are three main seasons of life. We are either going into a season, going through a season or coming out of a season in our life”. How true is that.

I am currently going through a season of struggle as I work through the grief of losing my best friend and mum.  I feel as though God is taking me through this season to birth something new inside of me.

I cannot see what God is doing now but I know one day I will look back at this season and see what God birthed in me during this season. I am trying to take all the good from the season and that starts with an attitude of gratitude. I try to start my day with writing down in my journal things I am grateful for. Sometimes my lists are long and sometimes there short only consisting of selfish things like ‘I am grateful for a hot shower and coffee’ but other times I can’t stop writing. It also depends on how I slept the night before and my mood for the day.


PS – My best friend gave birth to her first child today – so exciting. Birth is taking place around me now it needs to take place in me.

Until next time…

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