Cancer stole my mum

You don’t know me, but I know you. Let’s say we are acquaintances.

You like to take the joy and fun out of people. Like my mum, you visited her once and didn’t stay long. You can’t mess with my mum, she is a strong lady who doesn’t let things, even cancer, get her down. She had radiation treatment and then you were given your orders to leave and you did. My mum’s life took a standstill for about 6 months while she gained her strength and dignity back that you so easily striped away!

After a year of living without cancer, my mum’s life got back on track. She had enough strength and energy to get back to her number one passion – sewing. She started sewing for her friends again and even strangers would turn up at our house needing something made or mended by her. I remember her eyes lighting up every time she turned to her sewing machine. She sat for hours creating baby blankets, baby clothes and ball dresses for so many hours, yet she never complained. My mum enjoyed being creative and using her craft to gift to others, I don’t know how she afforded all of her sewing projects because she never really accepted payment for her time and hard effort, she just did it because she loved it.

Soon after I got engaged and she started making sewing plans for our wedding even though it was two years away. Mum use to have her own dress making business making ballet and dance costumes and wedding dresses. I had always dreamed of my mum making my own wedding dress, I had been planning it ever since I was 8 years old. But Cancer took that all away from me. Due to the radiation and complications with her kidney transplant medication my mum had to struggle each day for breathe as her lungs deteriorated. She had so many scans and specialist appointments which all resulted in ‘we can’t do anything for you’! If she didn’t have radiation treatment because of Cancer then she wouldn’t have to suffer with breathing problems.

The calm before the storm came when Mum walked me down the aisle at my wedding, which she and I had been so looking forward too! Cancer did NOT take that away from her or me. But you are a selfish disease that comes to destroy not only the person who you live in but also their whole family and friends! My mum fought hard, she is a very determined lady, she’s actually the strongest person I know. But you came back and within 5 days of finding out you took her life from us!

You may have taken my mum’s life from this earth BUT you will not silence her voice, I am going to make sure of it! My mum lives on through her legacy, through her memories and family.

You may have won the fight, but you have NOT won the war!

My mum will forever live on, I will make sure of it!

Cancer, you don’t know me, but you won’t be around forever because there will be a cure so you can NEVER tear a family apart ever again!

I love you Mum!

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